Our Classes

We offer adult classes weekly at St Bees, near Whitehaven (see Training and Events Section). The class starts with an hour of buki waza (weapons training) which is then followed by an hour of tai jutusu (empty hand practice).

We teach attack and defence techniques and ukemi - the practice of 'receiving', including rolling and breakfalls.

Aikido is non-competitive, each person takes it in turns to deliver an attach (the 'uke') and apply a defence technique (the 'nage').


Students train and grade to a defined syllabus of 'kyu' grades and then dan (black belt) grades.  Kyu grades wear a white 'gi' and white belt and black 'hakama' over trousers from 3rd kyu. Dan grades wear the same, but with a black belt.

Most students buy a gi within a month or two of starting and their own weapons within the first year. The club will help with the ordering of supplies.

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